Artist Statement

My knitwear is inspired for dark, stormy, rough coastlines, for keeping warm; thick, heavy, wool capes and accessories to pull tight around you against the elements.

My inspiration comes from the beauty in everyday things I see around me.  The shapes and contours in my work come from a variety of sources, seashells to lampposts and everything in between.

Giant clam and scallop shell, Natural History Museum

Giant clam and scallop shell, Natural History Museum

The process used to create is crucial, with the act of handcrafting being key.  The hand aesthetic should be apparent in the finished work.

Using simple knit stitches and shaping techniques I create sculptural, hand-knitted garments and accessories from natural fibres.

I create many smaller samples, testing the techniques to see how I can manipulate the yarn and the stitches, before deciding on a larger piece to be made up.  The final making up almost becomes a meditative process as each new stitch is created in repetition.

I am fascinated by making garments without seams, with most of the shaping created during the knitting process.  The contours aren’t rigid; they should move and bend with the human form inside, and return to their original shape when still.

Tonnoidea, Carditoidea

Tonnoidea, Carditoidea


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